While wintry weather is gripping the country this week with arctic-like temperatures putting everything into a deep freeze, the sultry August days of the Drum Corps International World Championships may seem quite a ways away. While the annual summertime event is typically known for its shorts- and tank-top-wearing weather, there have been a number of Finals-night competitions over the years that have reached temperatures that are downright chilly. Referencing historical weather reports for the host cities, we take a look back today through frosty windowpanes at 10 of the coldest.

DCI Hall of Fame broadcaster Steve Rondinaro wishes he had a coat during the finale of the 1982 Championship in Montreal.
1. 1982 – Montreal, Quebec
Saturday, August 21
LOW: 39° F | HIGH: 59° F | MEAN: 49° F
Champion: Blue Devils

The 1992 DCI World Championship awards ceremony at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wis.
2. 1992 – Madison, Wisconsin
Saturday, August 15
LOW: 43° F | HIGH: 73° F | MEAN: 58° F
Champion: The Cavaliers

Santa Clara Vanguard takes the field at the 1999 DCI World Championship Finals in Madison, Wis.
3. 1999 – Madison, Wisconsin
Saturday, August 14
LOW: 52° F | HIGH: 73° F | MEAN: 62° F
Champion: Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard

Denver's Mile High Stadium hosted the 1977 and 1978 DCI World Championship.
4. 1978 – Denver, Colorado
Friday, August 18
LOW: 53° F | HIGH: 65° F | MEAN: 59° F
Champion: Santa Clara Vanguard

The Blue Knights perform at the 2006 DCI World Championship Finals at Camp Randall Stadium.
5. 2006 – Madison, Wisconsin
Saturday, August 12
LOW: 53° F | HIGH: 80° F | MEAN: 67° F
Champion: The Cavaliers

Drum majors pass in review at the 2002 DCI World Championship Finals in Madison, Wis.
6. 2002 – Madison, Wisconsin
Saturday, August 10
LOW: 55° F | HIGH: 84° F | MEAN: 70° F
Champion: The Cavaliers

The U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps plays the finalist corps onto the field at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, Ind.
7. 2008 – Bloomington, Indiana
Saturday, August 9
LOW: 56° F | HIGH: 76° F | MEAN: 66° F
Champion: Phantom Regiment

Drum majors congratulate the Anaheim Kingsmen as rain fell during the inaugural DCI Championship in Whitewater, Wis.
8. 1972 – Whitewater, Wisconsin
Friday, August 18
LOW: 57° F | HIGH: 76° F | MEAN: 67° F
Champion: Anaheim Kingsmen

The Blue Devils are presented the 1986 DCI Championship trophy at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wis.
9. 1986 – Madison, Wisconsin
Saturday, August 16
LOW: 57° F | HIGH: 84° F | MEAN: 70° F
Champion: Blue Devils

The Cadets line up in the end zone of Camp Randall Stadium during the finale of the 1985 DCI World Championship.
10. 1985 – Madison, Wisconsin
Saturday, August 17
LOW: 59° F | HIGH: 82° F | MEAN: 70° F
Champion: Garfield Cadets

The hottest?

Three of the Cadets' DCI World Championship titles have happened on the hottest Finals days in history.
The Cadets have taken home Championship trophies at all three of the hottest DCI World Championship Finals in history. Both the 2005 event in Foxboro, Mass. and the 1983 event in Miami registered a mercury-pushing 96-degree temperature on the thermometer, while the day of 1993's Finals in Jackson, Miss. reached 95. Finals events in Denver (2004), Kansas City (1988), Orlando (1998) and Dallas (1991) all marked a steamy high of 93 degrees. While the city of Indianapolis recorded a 92-degree temperature outside in 2010, corps performed in 72-degree conditions during the second year that DCI hosted the event under the roof of Lucas Oil Stadium.