After the cancellation of the 2020 DCI Tour due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2021 will certainly be a drum corps year like no other. Some corps have announced plans to offer educational programs exclusively in an online format, while others are gearing up to eventually offer in-person rehearsal and performance opportunities this summer; ending with a three-day series of events in Indianapolis (should conditions allow).

The following is a list of corps who have indicated they are in the process of auditioning students for 2021 summer activities. Contact your favorite corps to stay up to date about audition and other educational opportunities as plans for 2021, in many cases are fluid, and are changing on a frequent basis.

The Academy

Auditions: Ongoing video auditions through April.

Educational component: Virtual rehearsal camps in April and May.

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The Battalion

Auditions: Two-part process including a recorded video audition (due March 15) and a live virtual session (March 20).

Educational component: Monthly virtual educational events where students can work on audition materials and interact with instructional staff members.

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Blue Devils

Auditions: Video auditions, with a deadline of May 3, 2021, are for the 2022 season. Those committed to another corps for 2021 are eligible to audition.

Educational component: While focused on a return in 2022, the corps is lining up several performance opportunities in 2021 including a brass and percussion recording session at FOX studios, a color guard retreat featuring an extra-special guest choreographer, and a potential trip to Switzerland to perform at the Basel Tattoo. While not required to audition, participation in the Blue Devils Virtual Audition Academy gives participants access to 10 weeks of interactive online courses and direct input from instructional staff members.

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Blue Knights

Auditions: Ongoing video auditions through the corps’ BKXperience platform.

Educational component: Registering for the BKXperience grants access to audition materials, recorded masterclasses, a private lesson with staff members, and a recorded leadership and personal development session. Selected prospective members will be invited to virtual audition camps in March, April and May.

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Blue Stars

Auditions: Ongoing video auditions.

Educational component: Feedback from instructional staff members on submitted audition. 

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Auditions: Video auditions with membership decisions made on a rolling basis. Color guard auditions due April 16.

Educational component: Access to virtual Symposium events through the Bluecoats School of the Arts.

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Boston Crusaders

Auditions: Virtual auditions with contracts awarded on a rolling basis. Deadline of April 1.

Educational component: Boston Crusaders Backstage offers instructional videos and opportunities to connect with staff members for feedback and evaluation.

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The Cadets

Auditions: Ongoing video auditions via a three-step process that includes an initial screening followed by a demonstration of advanced skills followed by a final audition.

Educational component: Students will receive feedback from instructional staff members throughout the process.

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Carolina Crown

Auditions: Video auditions with a deadline of April 15.

Educational component: The Crown101 program takes prospective members through each step of the audition process by way of interatction with the corps' world-class educational team.

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The Cavaliers

Auditions: Video auditions for brass and color guard with a deadline of March 16.

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Auditions: Ongoing video auditions.

Educational component: Enrollment in the corps’ Red Zone platform provides access to online practice tools to prepare for video evaluation.

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Colt Cadets

Auditions: No audition required. Prospective members have an expectation to take part in three rehearsal camps before being offered a spot in the corps.

Educational Component: Colt Cadets prospective members also participate in the corps’ Red Zone platform where students can do a one-on-one lesson with a staff member.

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Auditions: Video auditions with a deadline of Friday, April 30 for brass and color guard.

Educational component: Through the Crossmen Collective platform, students have a choice of three levels with varying offerings including educational materials, private lessons, virtual masterclasses, and more.

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Auditions: Open auditions for brass and color guard members through May 1.

Educational component: The FENIXperience includes tutorials and personal guidance from the Genesis educational team through the entire audition process.

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Auditions: Ongoing video and in-person auditions. A virtual audition and member meeting will take place on March 14.

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Auditions: Ongoing with virtual and in-person evaluations.

Educational component: Students will receive feedback from instructional staff throughout the process.

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Heat Wave

Auditions: Ongoing video auditions until spots are filled.

Educational component: Students will receive feedback from instructional staff throughout the process.

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Madison Scouts

Auditions: Video submissions with a second-round deadline on April 17. See for a list of open positions.

Educational component: All auditionees are provided with full access to MadU, the virtual learning program of the Madison Scouts. All applicants receive complimentary access to private lessons, sectionals, leadership, health and fitness, careers, and diversity and inclusion courses.

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Auditions: Ongoing video auditions. Audition slots can be reserved beginning March 7 with feedback offered from an instructional staff member after April 2.

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Music City

Auditions: Ongoing video auditions.

Educational component: Registration includes access to exclusive online content, a personal lesson with an instructional staff member and an invitation to the corps’ virtual April rehearsal camp.

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Pacific Crest

Auditions: Ongoing virtual auditions until spots are filled.

Educational component: Prospective members are granted access to the corps’ Virtual Studio Library which includes more than 70 lessons and demonstration videos. They can also take a 30-minute private lesson with an instructor.

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Phantom Regiment

Auditions: Virtual auditions with a deadline of March 22.

Educational component: Feedback on submitted video auditions from staff members will be shared with prospective members by April 5.

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River City Rhythm

Auditions: Ongoing video auditions

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Auditions: No audition necessary to participate in the corps’ Summer Virtual Experience.

Educational component: Shadow’s three-month exclusively virtual experience offers access to monthly private lessons, full-corps social experiences, monthly classes, a physical training program, an optional solo recital, and more.

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Spirit of Atlanta

Auditions: Ongoing video auditions until spots are filled.

Educational component: Spirit’s “Let it Be U" pedagogy program gives students access to the corps’ audition portal, monthly virtual camps and opportunities to engage with staff members.

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Auditions: Ongoing video auditions for brass and color guard.

Educational component: Students can attend free virtual rehearsal camps (March 27, April 24). Based on purchased tier, prospective members will have access to training videos, masterclasses, private lessons and more.

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