Every corps has its own identity. 

Whether it’s a well-known piece of music, a recognizable drill formation, or simply a consistent style of performance, there are often signature moments or characteristics, embodied with frequency, throughout history that define a corps. 

For the Madison Scouts, that persona is centered around a distinct energy that’s exuded during performances. 

That identity, and the concept of identity as a whole, serves as the foundation for the Wisconsin-based corps’ 2024 production, “Mosaic.” 

“The show is about many pieces coming together to make something greater than the sum of its parts,” program coordinator Mark Waymire said. 

The idea for this season’s production came from a series of offseason discussions with the corps’ design staff. They were centered on three things: the corps’ identity, the corps’ signature sound, and a way to visualize those concepts. 

Narrowing it down even further, these conversations brought two beloved Madison Scouts characteristics to the surface — a swaggered style, and as corps director David Lofy described, "music largely based on the Phrygian scale." 

2024 Madison Scouts Show Reveal

"a MOSAIC of everyone we have ever loved..."💜🧩 The Madison Scouts present their 2024 production titled "Mosaic" featuring the music White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane), Momento Magico (Youn Sun Nah & Ulf Wakenius), Egyptian Danza (Al DeMiola), Man on Fire (Harry Gregson-Williams), and Unholy (Sam Smith) #MadisonScouts #DCI2024 #Mosaic

Posted by Madison Scouts on Sunday, April 28, 2024


From there, the focus shifted toward finding a way to literally and figuratively piece together these signature Madison Scouts moments into a unique, yet grand, show. Different art mediums — like tapestry and ceramics — were tossed around as ideas. Then, the staff finally landed on the title word, “mosaic.” 

In essence, as designers described, this year’s production pieces together the different “Madison-isms” in a way that reflects the corps’ identity in 2024. 

“What’s been really encouraging on the administrative side of things is to watch this design team come together and be really, really thoughtful and considerate of our history and legacy,” Lofy said. 

The structure of “Mosaic” visually and narratively will be centered on a work of art. According to Waymire, the corps interactions with this artwork will create a “rollercoaster ride” of a show. 

“The pacing of effects and how we interact with the sculpture dictate how the show flows,” Waymire said. 

Musically, the production will traverse several genres. What started as a Spotify playlist of nearly 50 songs, was narrowed down to a list of six selections — including “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras and “Momento Magico” by Ulf Wakenius and Youn Sun Nah — that will provide drum corps audiences a new set of memorable Madison Scouts moments. 

“I can’t go a day without clicking on the music,” Waymire said. 

New to the corps’ design team in 2024, Waymire approaches the Madison Scouts’ production with a wealth of history and familiarity. Prior to his appointment as program program coordinator this past fall, he previously served on the Madison Scouts’ staff in the early 2000s, including a stint as brass caption head from 2003 to 2006 before serving as a DCI judge over the last decade. 

“I have a love connection with the Scouts,” Waymire said. “(After judging), I said if I were ever to work with a drum corps again, I would want to be program coordinator at Madison, if I felt that I fit there and they fit me. And here we are.”

Waymire is not the only one involved in the Scouts’ 2024 design process with such ties, either. Brass arranger Scott Boerma, a 2024 DCI Hall of Fame inductee, returned to his position with Madison Scouts prior to the 2023 season.

While much of the essence of this season’s production is to gain a deeper understanding of the storied history and legacy of the Madison Scouts, the show also offers a personal tie for the corps’ performers. 

For the Scouts’ 2024 membership, “Mosaic” offers an opportunity to define the modern-day Madison Scouts through the unique backgrounds of each performer within the corps, and apply their own personal “mosaic” to the theme of their program. 

“Mark was really diligent and thoughtful about making it clear to them that the show is truly about them, their various backgrounds, the experiences that they’ve had and their various talents coming together to build something beautiful,” Lofy said.

The Madison Scouts will kick off their 2024 DCI Tour June 29 at Drums on Parade in the corps’ hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. 

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