The exciting performance platform — predicated on inclusivity and entertainment — has hosted events all over the world for ensembles of all shapes and sizes, inlcuding the annual SoundSport International Music and Food Festival, which will return next August in Indianapolis. 

Registration is now open for SoundSport performance opportunities in 2024, and it’s the perfect time for you to bring a group together to take part in the excitement of the DCI Summer Tour and World Championships festivities.

With that in mind, here are four key things to know as you consider bringing your performing ensemble to the SoundSport stage in 2024.

Register Your SoundSport Team for 2024

1. Any Way You Want It

Lab Rats
The Lab Rats, a SoundSport ensemble affiliated with Camden County, New Jersey's Jersey Surf, made their debut in 2023.


SoundSport has been designed to attract a wide range of performance styles from an unlimited number of genres and styles.

Any Size – With ensembles of five members of more, you can create and tailor your performance just the way you want it.

Any Age – Whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve “figured it out” long ago, there’s never been a better time for you to take the stage.

Any Instrumentation – SoundSport teams in past years have featured a range of ensembles from traditional band instruments to melodicas to tin whistles and more. Whether your group’s musicians bring their talents to life on fifes and drums, bagpipes, strings, woodwinds, or any other instruments, the stage is set for them to throw down with unlimited options for a creative and entertaining performance.

Any Experience Level – Whether your ensemble has been together for years or you're just getting started, everyone is welcome!

Contact us today so we can help get you started!

2. Optimize Your Stage

2023 SoundSport Music & Food Fest
The Indiana Convention Center hosted the 2023 SoundSport International Music and Food Festival in Indianapolis.


SoundSport showcases performances in a 20-yard by 30-yard surface that’s perfect for smaller ensembles to experience the roar of the crowd outside the confines of a cavernous stadium.

How does your group want to perform? SoundSport teams can wow audiences whether they’re sitting, standing, dancing or marching. There’s no need to worry about complicated formations or hours of rehearsal time.


3. The Perfect Reunion

There's no day like today to get the group back together again! SoundSport has proven to be a fantastic opportunity for drum corps alumni to reunite and make music together once again.

The SoundSport stage provides you with the perfect excuse, and the perfect opportunity to share your corps’ legacy with the next generation of marching music enthusiasts.


4. Low Cost, High Energy

SoundSport Cowtown Collection
Proudly representing Canada, the Cowtown Collection brought their zany performance to the 2023 SoundSport Fest in Indy.


With the SoundSport stage, there’s no requirement for expensive instruments, grandiose props or state-of-the-art uniforms. All a SoundSport team needs is an inspired group of individuals excited to make music and perform for a close audience.

In an entertainment-minded performance platform, SoundSport teams are at their best when keeping their energy high and while sharing their joy of performing with audiences and fellow ensembles alike.

When it all boils down, that’s what it’s all about.


We're Here to Help!

DCI's SoundSport offers performance opportunities for groups as small as 5 members, and our ensemble development specialists are ready to help you get your start and in front of audiences this summer. Reach out to us at any time!