As part of the 2023 Drum Corps International Tour, more than $85,000 in scholarship awards will be presented to World and Open Class performers.
The following scholarships had spring submission deadlines to support selected individuals with their current-season tour fees. A number of additional 2023 scholarship awards are still available.

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The Friends of DCI program has been in existence for more than 30 years, and since 2007, generous contributions from its members have allowed for the Friends of DCI Scholarship Program. These scholarships are applied to current-season tour fees.

• Fisher Goodwin, Jersey Surf
• Abigail Alberga, Spartans
• Yunsol Kim, Colts
• Briley Massey, Mandarins
• Michael Galindo, Impulse
• Kaylynn Michael, Colts
• Naji Abubukker, Troopers
• Connor Carbonell, Blue Devils
• Travis Albright, Pacific Crest
• Ava Jones, Blue Stars

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Awarded as part of the Friends of DCI scholarship program, the Peth Scholarship, courtesy of Friends of DCI members Mary and Steve Peth, is given to a corps member pursuing any accredited higher education degree.

• Bryan Jomar Paat, Troopers
• Blaine Granger
, The Cavaliers


Created by charter members of the Friends of DCI, Ken and Patty Richardson, the Richardson’s Scholarship is awarded each year to two corps members who wish to apply their skills toward a degree in music education.

• Benjamin Stone, Phantom Regiment
• Cendan Dillon, Blue Knights


In memory of longtime Blue Devils supporter Gail Schultz, BD Performing arts and the Schultz family have established the Gail Schultz International Fellowship which helps non-U.S. citizens offset participation costs and achieve their dreams of joining a U.S.-based junior drum and bugle corps of their choice.

• Lauren Kent-Walton, Spartans
• Misaka Nagasaka
, Blue Devils

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Geared toward percussionists, the Double Beat Scholarship aims to help ease the financial commitment of marching in a drum corps.

• Emma Kieselhorst, Bluecoats


In memory of the late Fred J. Miller, founder of FJM Inc. and longtime supporter of the marching arts, the Fred J. Miller Memorial Music Education Fund Scholarship supports marching arts participants in their pursuit of a degree in music education.

• Gracie Bazan, Troopers


Created in 2013 by Brent and Michelle Bones, the Bones Family Scholarship is geared toward cymbal players to give selected recipients the opportunity to march in a drum corps who may not have otherwise had the chance.

• Ryan Long, Crossmen
• Emily VanDerWeele
, Madison Scouts


As an assistant scoutmaster, the late Don Warren began The Cavaliers as a community service project to help the boys of Logan Square Chicago. To honor the roots of this organization and his legacy into the future, The Don Warren Community Service Scholarship, administered by the Cavalier Alumni Association, recognizes DCI corps members who have exhibited remarkable community service beyond their drum corps involvement.

• Aidan Kane, Blue Stars

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As a drum corps judge for more than three decades, the late Rodney Goodhart contributed greatly toward representing percussion during the early beginnings of DCI. In his memory, the Rodney Goodhart Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to a DCI performer.

• Paul McCrea, Boston Crusaders

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As a color guard member of the Crossmen and an instructor with numerous drum corps, the late Michelle Owens brought a light and warmth to all she interacted with with her infectious smile, sweet disposition and high-spirited personality. This scholarship is awarded annually to a color guard member of a World or Open Class drum corps.

• Katherine Taylor, Phantom Regiment

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The Bonfiglio Foundation was established to provide scholarships to deserving individuals who are pursuing careers in Education or the Performing Arts.

• Sophia Fenske, Madison Scouts
• Thanh Reu
, Blue Knights


As the marching representative for the Zildjian Cymbal Company, the late Al Moffatt loved marching music for instilling core values in students, and this scholarship aims to help students fulfill their dreams of marching in a drum corps.

• Connor Maguire, Carolina Crown

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As a longtime visual judge and former drum corps instructor, the late DCI Hall of Fame member Gary Czapinski contributed greatly to innovation and design since the earliest years of DCI history.

• Hannah Zeitman, Phantom Regiment

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There is perhaps no one who has amassed a bigger portfolio of writings about the breadth of the modern-day competitive marching arts than the late Michael Boo. Continuing his legacy, the Michael Boo Memorial Scholarship recognizes a student who intends to remain committed to our activity by pursuing a career in journalism or writing.

• Samantha Smith, Phantom Regiment

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The IN STEP program supports the participation of women in all facets of DCI and marching music performing arts — from corps members to staff to leadership. The IN STEP scholarship is awarded to a current DCI participating female performer, intern or corps staff member who aspires to continue working within the drum corps activity into the future.

• Yulia Savine, The Academy

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Since its inception in 2007, the DCI-sponsored Marching Arts Safety and Health Project has succeeded in bringing together health care professionals from varied disciplines to provide medical guidance and hands-on assistance to corps members during the DCI Summer Tour. This scholarship recognizes a current DCI participating performer who aspires to work as a health, wellness or safety practitioner.

• Luigi Taupo, Phantom Regiment

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Jonnie’s Goodguys, created in memory of Jonathan Miller, a Star of Indiana alum who lost his life due to an aortic dissection at the age of 33, is committed to educating and advocating for early heart and aortic health, with a goal to support the drum corps activity and encourage everyone to take care of their heart at every age.

• Aiden Keller, Bluecoats
• Nina Hoang, Madison Scouts
• Rebekah Reeves, Madison Scouts
• Gabriel Dudley, Madison Scouts
• Lindsey Underdonk, Blue Stars
• Olivia Gooch, Blue Devils
• Cooper Thomas, Crossmen
• Kaitlynn Lane, Crossmen

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The Iowa Music & Arts Association (IMAA) is a nonprofit founded by alumni, friends and supporters of the former Emerald Knights/Nite Express Drum and Bugle Corps of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. With preference given to applicants who are attending or have attended a secondary school or college in Iowa, this scholarship was established to help young people experience the life-changing experience of drum corps.

• Noah McNiel, Colts
• Zander Ulam, Colts
• Alecci Young, Colts
• Jordan Biwer, Colt Cadets

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Performing Arts Initiative for Students of Color (PAISOC) Scholarship

PAISOC's Drum Corps Leadership and Scholarship Program seeks to recognize current and future student leaders of color in the marching arts and broader performing arts world and provide leadership mentorship to recipients that allows them to learn and discuss how to become and stand out as positive rolemodels and leaders in drum corps and beyond.

• Naji Abubukker, Troopers
• Zoë Arambul, Seattle Cascades
• Gabriel Jarata, Blue Devils B
• Andrew Overby, Troopers
• Alexis Garcia Perez, Seattle Cascades
• Ryan Scarver, Boston Crusaders (Black Women Rising Scholarship)
• Linda Segura, The Battalion (Ultimate Drill Book Scholarship)
• Luigi Taupo, Phantom Regiment
• Jeffrey Turk, Music City
• John Leyva, Mandarins

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MAASIN March with Pride Scholarship

Marching Arts Access, Safety, & Inclusion Network (MAASIN) is a community-led effort to increase equity and safety in the marching arts. The March With Pride Scholarship annually fundraises to assist LGBTQIA+ performers with their tuition fees and other expenses associated with performing.

• Morgan Traczyk, Boston Crusaders
• Yolanda Yang, Mandarins
• Julia Bougie, Les Stentors

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Jason Fritz Memorial Scholarship

The late Michigan Drum Corps Scholarship Fund cofounder and board member Jason Fritz was a pillar of the Michigan band community. He believed that student leadership was one of the most important parts of the marching music activity, and that drum majors can influence how good a band can become with dedication to core values of inclusivity and personal growth.

Jeme Richards, River City Rhythm
Finley Muela, Bluecoats

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George Zingali Scholarship

Named in honor of the late DCI Hall of Fame member, the George Zingali Scholarship is presented annually to DCI corps members with financial need.

Tommy Freeman, The Cadets
Adrian Allen, The Cadets