Dedicated to musicians and performers of diverse styles and backgrounds, Marching Music Day celebrates all varieties of the art forms bringing us “music on the move.” 2024 marks the eighth anniversary of the annual occurrence.

Drum Corps International founded Marching Music Day to celebrate and spotlight marching music as an engaging and ever-expanding art form around the world, and to help celebrate Music In Our Schools Month. As an ideal play on words, March Fourth was chosen.

Beginning in 2017, the registrar at National Day Calendar declared the day to #MarchForth into celebration annually.

One of the focuses of Drum Corps International’s annual #MarchForth outreach is the #MarchDrumCorps project. The third-annual initiative being coordinated by Drum Corps International focuses on matching prospective performers with open positions in corps nationwide.

Underway since mid-February, DCI has been working directly with its participating organizations to compile a week-by-week list of current openings in every section of their corps and is sharing inquiries from interested performers for follow-up as the summer of 2024 continues to come into focus.

Now’s the time to #MarchDrumCorps in 2024

Other simple activities you can follow to celebrate March Fourth:

1. Complete the Marching Music Day Activity Book

A brand-new addition to Marching Music Day festivities, download and print the March Forth! activity book for a variety of fun coloring pages, games and more.

Download the activity book (PDF)

2. Rep your favorite drum corps or marching music swag

Dust off those corps jackets or break out your favorite marching group's T-shirt or sweatshirt. Take a selfie and post it to your social media profiles tagging your posts with #MarchForth and #MarchingMusicDay!

3. Get the band back together

From drum corps and marching bands, to SoundSport teams and winter guards, to military music groups, Mummers string bands, fife and drum groups, drill teams and step teams, marching musicians fall into a remarkable array of different styles, classifications and organizations. No matter your performance style, coordinate a group message string to get your friends together to make music today, tomorrow, this summer or whenever you see fit! DCI’s SoundSport International Music & Food Festival coming this August to Indianapolis may just be the perfect place for you to do so.

4. Support DCI and your favorite marching music groups

Whether making a contribution to provide opportunities to Drum Corps International performers or to support your favorite drum corps, local high school, college or community marching performing arts ensemble, consider making an important financial donation or inquire about any volunteer needs behind the scenes to foster future generations of marching musicians.

5. Make your plans to be on the field or in the stands this summer

Summer is just four months away! With all eyes ahead to 2024 DCI Tour, a huge number of drum corps are still recruiting prospective corps members to join them on the field this summer.

Learn more about open positions in 2024 drum corps

For those more interested in witnessing the 2024 DCI Tour from the stadium grandstands, tickets to an impressive number of shows on the more than 90-event DCI Tour schedule are now on sale including the three-day DCI World Championships August 8-10 in Indianapolis.

View the complete 2024 DCI Tour schedule